Tips to Take Care of Ageing Dogs

Dogs are mans’ best friend. Like man himself, dogs suffer the vagaries of old age when they lose their best qualities such as agility. It can be sad for any owner seeing their once agile and playful dog lie helplessly on the floor. When this happens, you can do things to further prolong their lives. Ageing dogs require special care, and here are few ways you can comfort your dogs in their senility.

Frequent Visits to the Vet

Unlike young dogs, aged dogs have lower immunity and are more prone to bodily injuries. Therefore, it is advisable to make a more frequent visit to the vet for an early diagnosis of ailments and treatment. Early detection increases the chance of recovery. Besides, a qualified vet will provide tips and advice on taking care of the dog.

Engage Your Dog in Exercise

Old dogs are less active and therefore, prone to obesity. Obesity diminishes your dog’s life span, increases chances of contracting metabolic diseases and triggers bone complications. To avoid this, engage your dog in light exercises such as walking and brief runs in the park. As you do that, take time and engage in Unibet TV darts for some fun delivered right on your device.

Proper Diet

The nutritional needs of senior dogs are different from that of younger animals. The aged dogs may have weak teeth and might not be able to crack bones or other hardy meals. Feed your ageing dog digestible and nutritious food to limit the amount of energy they use to get their fill.

Engage Their Mental Faculties

Ageing dogs suffer a decline in their cognitive abilities. Cognitive deterioration affects how they relate to human beings and other pets. To keep your dog’s mental capacity in a better shape, engage them in games which will rejuvenate their senses. Meal hunting and puzzle toys are examples of games that can help your dog stay sharp.