Popular Dog Breeds

There is undoubtedly a tremendous amount of variety when it comes to choosing a dog breed. There are actually so many options that it can often seem overwhelming for new owners. Knowing some of the most popular can help people determine which one is right for them.

Labrador Retrievers

This breed is revered for its friendly nature. They are especially popular with families. They are seen to be very versatile and can be used for numerous tasks. This includes hunting, tracking and performing at shows. However, they do not like to be away from their humans for too long. Potential owners should be aware of this before getting one.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are the perfect breed for people who do not have time to take their dog on long walks. This particular breed requires a minimal amount of exercise. They are also known for their big personalities. Frenchies are so beloved that the American Kennel Club recently announced that they are the number one dog in San Francisco, Miami and New York.


Poodles are undoubtedly some of the most intelligent dogs around. For this reason, they are commonly seen at competitions such as Crufts. They are easily recognisable by their distinctive haircut. This is known as the “poodle clip” and helps protect them from cold weather. It is also aesthetically pleasing. Poodles come in different sizes, such as toy, miniature and standard. They are very suitable for families.

Yorkshire Terriers

Due to their compact size, they can live happily in flats and other types of small accommodation. Yorkies are actually very protective of their owners and can be somewhat loud if left to their own devices.


People like beagles because they are often in a happy mood and willing to play. They are a highly curious breed and regularly follow their nose. Even though this can seem like a cute activity, it may also get them into trouble. Therefore beagles need to be given a good amount of supervision.


The bulldog is a very symbolic breed. It has been used to represent England. US presidents such as Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge also favoured them. Bulldogs are both dignified and courageous. They are easy to maintain in terms of grooming. However, it is common for the breed to suffer feet lesions. This can be treated by a vet. In the past, many dog owners believed that bulldogs did not need exercise. This is actually a myth, and the breed does require a fair amount of physical activity to stay healthy.