Negative Rottweiler Portrayals

Over the years, Rottweilers have been given a negative image in the media. They are often considered dangerous by press journals and portrayed as fierce beasts in films. The horror genre is perhaps the worst example of vilifying this breed.

Dogs Of Hell

In this 1982 horror film, the US military has engineered Rottweilers for war. These dogs are specially bred and trained for killing humans. When they escape from a facility, the dangerous animals head towards a nearby peaceful town. The local sheriff must stop them as they embark on the trail of destruction.

Grand Theft Auto V

This video game was very successful during its initial release. However, it was not without controversy. News sites such as the Daily Mail have reported on concerns over the violent content in GTA V. Players control characters who can roam around a large map and cause havoc with numerous weapons.

Even dogs can be utilised to attack people. One of the main characters, Franklin owns a Rottweiler called Chop who he commands to attack enemies. Chop is portrayed as a vicious creature who is able to dispatch foes within seconds.

Man’s Best Friend

Ally Sheedy stars as a reporter who wants to shine a light on the animal cruelty being performed inside a laboratory. She ends up stealing a dog that has been genetically spliced with the DNA of other animals. This has given the dog heightened senses, as well as increased aggression. It kills a number of people throughout the movie.

The Omen

During the 1970s, several supernatural horror films captured the imagination of audiences. The Omen stands out as one of the most memorable. It tells the story of a diplomat who adopts a son, not realising that the boy is the son of Satan.

This evil child is called Damian and is protected by demonic minions. One of these is a scary looking Rottweiler. This dog is able to look into the eyes of humans and hypnotise them. It is seen standing at Damian’s bed as he sleeps and will attack anyone who wishes to do him harm.

Other dog breeds are also portrayed as evil throughout the movie. In one memorable scene, the father is chased out of a cemetery by an entire pack of canines. They rip at his clothes in an attempt to eat his flesh. However, he escapes and later manages to outsmart the Rottweiler.