Dog Movies

Dogs are an essential part of everyday life for a wide range of cultures. A considerable number of people own dogs as pets. Their companionship enriches lives. It should, therefore, undoubtedly come as no surprise that dogs have featured in movies since the invention of the film camera. These animals can be seen in practically every genre, from comedy to horror.

There’s Something About Mary

A border terrier by the name of Puffy features prominently in this slapstick comedy. A conman wishes to seduce Mary, played by Cameron Diaz. However, her roommate’s dog dislikes him. In one memorable scene Puffy attacks the man and they get into an over the top fight. At one point the dog consumes a sedative but is revived with an electric shock.


Cujo is a friendly St Bernard, who seems pleasant at the start of the film. However, when he is bitten by a rabid bat, he changes into an aggressive killer dog. Cujo rampages through a small town, attacking numerous people. Eventually, he goes after a mother called Donna and her son. The two of them have to sit in their locked car while Cujo attempts to break into it.

Isle of Dogs

In this animated film, dogs are banned from Japan and transported to their own island. They are unfortunately forced to survive on their own in dangerous conditions and with minimal food. A young boy runs away to the Isle Of Dogs in hopes of finding his former pet. Along the way, he actually makes friends with a group of wild canines.

Cats and Dogs

The premise of this children’s movie is that cats and dogs are always at war with each other in secret. They use high tech gadgets to spy on their enemies. These animals can also talk to each other and are voiced by famous actors.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Two dogs and a cat find themselves lost in the woods and must travel far to find their way home.

The dogs are an American Bulldog and Golden Retriever. Similar to Cats And Dogs, these animals can also talk with each other in English.