Best Dog Breeds for Racing

Border Collie

The Border Collie is seen as full of energy and tends to be very obedient. They are traditionally used to herd livestock. Their highest recorded speed is 30 miles per hour.


The Vizsla breed is also renowned for its energy levels. It is often compared to the Afghan Hound. Vizslas were bred for the first time in Hungary and were known for their protective instincts. They also have Pointer retriever hunting skills, making them perfect for running around a track.

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed is often the choice for family households due to its loving nature. Its small stature has made the Jack Russell Terrier popular across the world. Despite its size, it is deceptively fast. In fact, it can outrun the majority of larger breeds. They were bred by English hunters due to their recognisable white coat.


Greyhound racing has undoubtedly become one of the most dominant forms of animal speed competition. This sport is popular amongst the gambling community. There are numerous betting services such as Unibet Racing which allow users to place wagers on individual dog races.

Greyhounds can run at a speed of 45 miles per hour. This makes them the fastest dogs in the world. Historians believe that this breed originated in ancient Celtic cultures. Over the years they have been bred to hunt, chase game animals and participate in races.


The Saluki is slightly less fast than the greyhound but not by much. Its maximum speed is 42 miles per hour. However, several dog experts actually believe that they can run at a higher speed over longer distances than greyhounds, due to their superior stamina. In past times, this breed was used for hunting a variety of creatures, including foxes, rabbits and even gazelles. Images of Salukis have been found inside Egyptian tombs from as early as 2134 BC.


Few dog types are as easily recognisable as the Dalmatian. It has a white coat covered in an abundance of black or brown spots. They have historically been utilised as guard dogs. Sometimes Dalmatians would even run alongside carriages to prevent robberies. They are known to run up to 37 miles per hour.


Whippets started out as greyhounds, which were too small for historical hunting. They were bred as an off-shoot of greyhounds and used to catch rats. Eventually, people began to recognise how effective whippets were as racers. They have the best acceleration of any dog.

Doberman Pinscher

Speed is just one factor to consider when choosing a dog for racing. Intelligence is also important. The combination of fast pace and intelligence makes the Doberman Pinscher a good option. This German breed is known for fiercely defending its owners. For this reason, they are utilised by the police and armed forces.