About the Blog

There are many different activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Added to the list of these is dog ownership. Being a dog owner can bring about different activities that can be enjoyed with this particular animal. This blog focuses on the rottweilers along with other breeds. It also outlines some of the different activities that dog and owners can participate in. The reason for the creation of this blog was to get more individuals to consider how they could interact with their canine friends. Often new dog owners don’t realise what their new pet is capable of or how they can extend the enjoyment of owning one. This is what this site is about.


Aside from just owning a dog for companionship, there are plenty of things that can be done with dogs. Just one example is dog racing. This is a sport that has become one of the favourites in the UK. Here in this blog, those that are interested in becoming involved in dog racing will learn more about the breed of dogs that are best suited for this.

The Rottweiler

Every breed of dog becomes recognised for their specific traits. One breed that has gotten a bad rap is the Rottweiler. Many times there are new dog owners that choose this breed without learning more about it. Here on this blog, there is some important information on how to care for rottweilers.

Knowing this may create a greater understanding of the breed and relieve some of the fears that some people have about owning one. Another post that is found here focuses on all of the negative aspects that have been identified about the Rottweiler. A lot of this has been expanded upon in movies which are one of the reasons people are fearful of this breed. It is bad publicity like this that can do a great deal of harm. It is the intent of this post to shed some awareness on why the Rottweiler is often feared.

Dogs in the Spotlight

This blog covers some of the more famous movies that dogs played a part in. Some of them were quite frightening, while others were delightful with several of them being comedies. The purpose of this type of information is to show further just how intelligent canines can be and how they participate in different activities.

This blog is dedicated to both the canines and their potential owners.