Rottweilers and Other Dogs

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Dog Racing

There are so many different breeds of dogs. They each have their characteristics and skills. There are some that are well known for their speed. For those who own a dog that fits into this category, they may want to think about dog racing. There is an interesting post here that will help to determine the most well-known breeds for dog racing.

Dog Care

Although all dogs have much in common, they each have their own characteristics. These characteristics help to determine what care should be given to a particular breed. Here the Rottweilers are used as an example. The post here contains information that is specific to the care of this breed, but much of it can be applied to other breeds as well.

The Rottweiler

This is a breed that has gained a bad reputation. Unfortunately, a lot of that comes from the many different movies that this breed has been portrayed in. The post here outlines some of these movies and the role that the Rottweiler took on.


There are a lot of movies where dogs are the star of it. For those who enjoy these types of movies, there is a post here that talks about some of the more famous ones.

Getting a Dog

Some people ponder over getting a dog and have some difficulties making the final decision. Perhaps the post here that is dedicated to this topic can help with the decision making.

Which Dog to Get

The breed of dog is going to be one of the important factors when choosing the dog to take home. The post here about this topic outlines some information about the more popular breeds.